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Running a Marathon - Tips to Avoid Injury

Published: Tuesday, 14th January 2014

Running a Marathon........

Tips to Avoid Injury

  • Start training months not weeks before a marathon

  • Stick to an appropriate training programme for your starting level

eg. beginner / intermediate / advanced

  • Build up your mileage slowly. Remember your muscles take longer than your cardiovascular system to get a training adaption

  • Vary the terrain and your running routes

  • Build in rest days. These are important to allow your body proper recovery time, particularly in the later stages of training

  • Do core exercises at least three times a week

  • Put in some cross train days eg. cycle, swim, cross trainer to help prevent overuse injuries

  • Make sure you wear suitable trainers Ė seek advice from a specialist running shop

  • Donít buy new trainers just a few weeks before the race

  • Have realistic goals throughout your training, this will help to keep you motivated

  • A training partner/partners can help keep you motivated and stick to a training programme

  • Appropriate nutrition and hydration are crucial and will help optimise your performance

  • Donít forget to warm down and stretch after every exercise session

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