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The York Marathon

Published: Tuesday, 14th January 2014

The York Marathon

In September 2013 we had a flurry of phone calls from runners with entries in the York Marathon.

Training had been going well but then injuries started interfering with plans!!

Luckily we managed to get the majority back on their feet to enable them to fulfil their plans……………………….

‘Hi Highthorn,

Please can you pass this on to, who I am choosing to call “Magic Hands” Michelle!

Despite pulling my calf around 12-days before the York marathon I managed to get round today thanks to Michelle’s help in 4h18m7s.

I’m very pleased with this for my first marathon particularly with the injury considered!

Thanks to all of you at Highthorn, especially “Magic Hands” Michelle.’

Do not put yourself in this position in 2014!

Seek advice and treatment of an injury promptly after onset. If you are unsure if you need treatment, telephone or email and we can advise accordingly.

For those who are wishing to take things more seriously, we are currently in the process of putting together a ‘Runners MOT’, which will include an evaluation or your running style. This should help prevent any injury actually happening. Full details will follow soon. If the ‘Runners MOT’ is of interested, leave us your details and we will send you the info when it’s ready.

We have also put together a sheet “Tips to Avoid Injury”.

Good luck to all of you who have signed up to the York Marathon 2014……….…the 12th October will be here before we know it!!

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